Botta is a social support group helping 16-25 year olds lead successful lives.

We believe in building the strength and resiliency of young people in ways that are engaging, respectful and empowering.

Botta’s mission is to make sure our local teens have the support and resources they need to thrive – Leaving no one behind.


BOTTA provides a non-judgmental space as well
as 24 / 7 help and support

Our flagship weekly groups provide young adults with a safe place to meet for support, as well as being an opportunity to have fun, and to make friends with other young people who are in a similar situation.

Many participants then turn to BOTTA for help with employment support, emotional and mental health, financial help and guidance, and some have even required advice and referrals to emergency short-term accommodation when they have been made homeless.

Diverse Support Groups

BOTTA run a number of different groups which are designed to help gain practical support with emotional health and well-being in a group atmosphere, as well as groups that can help to support various challenging circumstances

Peer Support

It may be social, emotional or practical support but importantly this support is mutually offered and reciprocal, allowing peers to benefit from the support whether they are giving or receiving it.


Our workshops and guest lecturers are diverse and cover a wide range of topics, including self-esteem, self-awareness, relationships, emotions and mindfulness.

Feedback & Improvments

The voice of our youth is highly valued in our day to day operations. We regularly seek their input and perspective when making decisions.

Continuous quality improvement is the cornerstone of all that we do.



We provide social, emotional, practical support and signposting to young people aged 16 to 25. The daily needs and challenges can vary widely but include coping with daily life, finance, employment, substance abuse and conflicts with the law. Emotional issues include coping with anger, marginalization, rejection, confidence issues, feeling different, invisible, misunderstood, depressed, struggling to cope, lonely, wanting to hurt yourself, stressed and anxious.

Let’s keep the good work going together.